Querying the cluster configuration

This topic describes how to perform a query on a cluster configuration, follow these steps:

  1. From Cluster Explorer, click Query on the Tools menu.


    On the Cluster Explorer toolbar, click Query.

  2. In the Cluster Query dialog box, enter the details of the query:
    • Click the VCS object to search.

    • Depending on the selected object, click the specific entity to search.

    • Click the appropriate phrase or symbol between the search item and value.

    • Click the appropriate value for the specified query.

    • Certain queries allow the user to enter specific filter information:

      Click System, click Online Group Count, click <, and type the required value in the blank field.


      Click Resource, click [provide attribute name] and type in the name of an attribute, click = or contains, and type the appropriate value of the attribute in the blank field.

      For example, click Resource, click [provide attribute name] and type in MountPoint, click contains, and type /db01 in the blank field.

    • To use additional queries, click + as many times as necessary to select the appropriate options. Click - to reduce the number of queries.

    • Click AND or OR for each filter selection.

    • Click Search.

    • To search a new item, click Reset to reset the dialog box to its original blank state.