Installing and updating license keys using vxlicinst

Use the vxlicinst command to install or update a valid product license key for the product you have purchased. See the vxlicinst(1m) manual page.

You must have root privileges to use this utility. This utility must be run on each system in the cluster; the utility cannot install or update a license on remote nodes.

To install a new license

To update licensing information in a running cluster

  1. Install the new component license on each node in the cluster using the vxlicinst utility.
  2. Update system-level licensing information on all nodes in the cluster.

    You must run the updatelic command only after you add a license key using the vxlicinst command or after you set the component license level using the vxkeyless command.

    # hasys -updatelic -all

    You must update licensing information on all nodes before proceeding to the next step.

  3. Update cluster-level licensing information:
    # haclus -updatelic