Adding and removing LLT links

You can use the lltconfig command to add or remove LLT links when LLT is running.

See the lltconfig(1M) manual page for more details.


When you add or remove LLT links, you need not shut down GAB or the high availability daemon, had. Your changes take effect immediately, but are lost on the next restart. For changes to persist, you must also update the /etc/llttab file.

To add LLT links

To remove an LLT link

  1. Run the following command to disable a network link that is configured under LLT.
    # lltconfig -t devtag -L disable
  2. Wait for the 16 seconds (LLT peerinact time).
  3. Run the following command to remove the link.
    # lltconfig -u devtag