Configuring aggregated interfaces under LLT

If you want to configure LLT to use aggregated interfaces after installing and configuring VCS, you can use one of the following approaches:

To configure aggregated interfaces under LLT by editing the /etc/llttab file

  1. If LLT is running, stop LLT after you stop the other dependent modules.
    # /etc/init.d/llt stop

    See Stopping VCS.

  2. Add the following entry to the /etc/llttab file to configure an aggregated interface.
    link tag device_name systemid_range link_type sap mtu_size


    Tag to identify the link


    Device name of the aggregated interface.


    Range of systems for which the command is valid.

    If the link command is valid for all systems, specify a dash (-).


    The link type must be ether.


    SAP to bind on the network links.

    Default is 0xcafe.


    Maximum transmission unit to send packets on network links

  3. Restart LLT for the changes to take effect. Restart the other dependent modules that you stopped in step 1.
    # /etc/init.d/llt start

    See Starting VCS.

To configure aggregated interfaces under LLT using the lltconfig command