Stopping the VCS engine and related processes

The hastop command stops the High Availability Daemon (HAD) and related processes. You can customize the behavior of the hastop command by configuring the EngineShutdown attribute for the cluster.

The hastop command includes the following options:

    hastop -all [-force]
    hastop [-help]
    hastop -local [-force | -evacuate | -noautodisable]
    hastop -sys system ... [-force | -evacuate -noautodisable]

Table: Options for the hastop command shows the options for the hastop command.

Table: Options for the hastop command




Stops HAD on all systems in the cluster and takes all service groups offline.


Displays the command usage.


Stops HAD on the system on which you typed the command


Allows HAD to be stopped without taking service groups offline on the system. The value of the EngineShutdown attribute does not influence the behavior of the -force option.


When combined with -local or -sys, migrates the system's active service groups to another system in the cluster, before the system is stopped.


Ensures the service groups that can run on the node where the hastop command was issued are not autodisabled. This option can be used with -evacuate but not with -force.


Stops HAD on the specified system.

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