About managing VCS users from the command line

You can add, modify, and delete users on any system in the cluster, provided you have the privileges to do so.

If VCS is running in secure mode, specify user names, in one of the following formats:

Specify only the user name to assign cluster-level privileges to a user. The user can access any node in the cluster. Privileges for a cluster-level user are the same across nodes in the cluster.

Specify the user name and the domain name to add a user on multiple nodes in the cluster. This option requires multiple entries for a user, one for each node.

You cannot assign or change passwords for users when VCS is running in secure mode.

The commands to add, modify, and delete a user must be executed only as root or administrator and only if the VCS configuration is in read/write mode.


You must add users to the VCS configuration to monitor and administer VCS from the graphical user interface Cluster Manager.

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