Flushing service groups

When a service group is brought online or taken offline, the resources within the group are brought online or taken offline. If the online operation or offline operation hangs on a particular resource, flush the service group to clear the WAITING TO GO ONLINE or WAITING TO GO OFFLINE states from its resources. Flushing a service group typically leaves the service group in a partial state. After you complete this process, resolve the issue with the particular resource (if necessary) and proceed with starting or stopping the service group.


The flush operation does not halt the resource operations (such as online, offline, migrate, and clean) that are running. If a running operation succeeds after a flush command was fired, the resource state might change depending on the operation.

Use the command hagrp -flush to clear the internal state of VCS. The hagrp -flush command transitions resource state from 'waiting to go online' to 'not waiting'. You must use the hagrp -flush -force command to transition resource state from 'waiting to go offline' to 'not waiting'.

To flush a service group on a system

To flush all service groups on a system

  1. Save the following script as haflush at the location /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/
        PATH=/opt/VRTSvcs/bin:$PATH; export PATH 
        if [ $# -ne 1 ]; then 
            echo "usage: $0 <system name>" 
            exit 1 
        hagrp -list | 
        while read grp sys junk 
            case "$locsys" in 
                hagrp -flush "$grp" -sys "$locsys" 
  2. Run the script.
    # haflush systemname