Configuring atleast resource dependency

In an atleast resource dependency, the parent resource depends on a set of child resources. The parent resource is brought online or can remain online only if the minimum number of child resources in this resource set is online.

Enter the following command to set atleast resource dependency. This command assumes that there are five child resources. If there are more child resources, enter the resource names without space.

hares -link parent_resource child_res1,child_res2,child_res3,child_res4,child_res5 -min minimum_resources

The following is an example:

hares -link res1 res2,res3,res4,res5,res6 -min 2

In the above example, the parent resource (res1) depends on the child resources (res2, res3, res4, res5, and res6). The parent resource can be brought online only when two or more resources come online and the parent resource can remain online only until two or more child resources are online.