About the CP server database

CP server requires a database for storing the registration keys of the VCS cluster nodes. CP server uses a SQLite database for its operations. By default, the database is located at /etc/VRTScps/db.

For a single node VCS cluster hosting a CP server, the database can be placed on a local file system. For an SFHA cluster hosting a CP server, the database must be placed on a shared file system. The file system must be shared among all nodes that are part of the SFHA cluster.

In an SFHA cluster hosting the CP server, the shared database is protected by setting up SCSI-3 PR based I/O fencing. SCSI-3 PR based I/O fencing protects against split-brain scenarios.


The CP server database must not be edited directly and should only be accessed using cpsadm(1M). Manipulating the database manually may lead to undesirable results including system panics.