How secure communication works between the CP servers and the VCS clusters using the HTTPS protocol

HTTPS is HTTP communication over SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security). In HTTPS, the communication between client and server is secure using the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). HTTPS is an industry standard protocol, which is widely used over the Internet for secure communication. Data encrypted using private key of an entity, can only be decrypted by using its public key. A common trusted entity, such as, the Certification Authority (CA) confirms the identities of the client and server by signing their certificates. In a CP server deployment, both the server and the clients have their own private keys, individual certificates signed by the common CA, and CA's certificate. CP server uses the SSL implementation from OpenSSL to implement HTTPS for secure communication.

CP server and VCS cluster (application cluster) node communication involve the following entities:

Communication flow between CP server and VCS cluster nodes with security configured on them is as follows: