About administering I/O fencing

The I/O fencing feature provides the following utilities that are available through the VRTSvxfen RPM:


Tests SCSI-3 functionality of the disks for I/O fencing

See About the vxfentsthdw utility.


Configures and unconfigures I/O fencing

Lists the coordination points used by the vxfen driver.


Displays information on I/O fencing operations and manages SCSI-3 disk registrations and reservations for I/O fencing

See About the vxfenadm utility.


Removes SCSI-3 registrations and reservations from disks

See About the vxfenclearpre utility.


Replaces coordination points without stopping I/O fencing

See About the vxfenswap utility.


Generates the list of paths of disks in the disk group. This utility requires that Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) is installed and configured.

The I/O fencing commands reside in the /opt/VRTS/bin folder. Make sure you added this folder path to the PATH environment variable.

Refer to the corresponding manual page for more information on the commands.