Enabling or preventing resources to start outside VCS control

When a resource is brought online on one node in a cluster, the resource must not be allowed to come online outside VCS control on any other node in the cluster. By ensuring that the resource cannot be online on more than one node, you can prevent data corruption and ensure high availability through VCS.

The ProPCV attribute of the service group containing application resource determines whether or not to allow the processes for the application resource to start outside VCS control. The application type resource must be registered with IMF for offline monitoring or online monitoring. ProPCV applies only to the processes that are specified in the MonitorProcesses attribute or the StartProgram attribute of the application type resource. See the Cluster Server Bundled Agents Reference Guide for information about the propcv action agent function and also for information on when the application resource can be registered with IMF for offline monitoring.


Currently, ProPCV works for application type resources only.

In situations where the propcv action agent function times out, you can use the amfregister command to manually mark a resource as one of the following:

To allow a resource to be started outside VCS control

To prevent a resource from being started outside VCS control

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