About VCS event notification

VCS provides a method for notifying important events such as resource or system faults to administrators or designated recipients. VCS includes a notifier component, which consists of the notifier process and the hanotify utility.

VCS supports SNMP consoles that can use an SNMP V2 MIB.

The notifier process performs the following tasks:

If you have configured owners for resources, groups, or for the cluster, VCS also notifies owners of the events that affect their resources. A resource owner is notified of resource-related events, a group owner of group-related events, and so on.

You can also configure persons other than owners as recipients of notifications about events of a resource, resource type, service group, system, or cluster. The registered recipients get notifications for the events that have a severity level that is equal to or greater than the level specified. For example, if you configure recipients for notifications and specify the severity level as Warning, VCS notifies the recipients about events with the severity levels Warning, Error, and SevereError but not about events with the severity level Information.

Figure: VCS event notification: Severity levels shows the severity levels of VCS events.

Table: VCS event severity levels

Severity level



Critical errors that can lead to data loss or corruption; SevereError is the highest severity level.




Deviations from normal behavior


Important events that exhibit normal behavior; Information is the lowest severity level.


Severity levels are case-sensitive.

Figure: VCS event notification: Severity levels

VCS event notification: Severity levels

SNMP traps are forwarded to the SNMP console. Typically, traps are predefined for events such as service group or resource faults. You can use the hanotify utility to send additional traps.

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