Event messages and severity levels

When the VCS engine starts up, it queues all messages of severity Information and higher for later processing.

When notifier connects, it communicates to HAD the lowest severity threshold level currently defined for the SNMP option or for the SMTP option.

If notifier is started from the command line without specifying a severity level for the SNMP console or SMTP recipients, notifier communicates the default severity level Warning to HAD. If notifier is configured under VCS control, severity must be specified.

See the description of the NotifierMngr agent in the Cluster Server Bundled Agents Reference Guide.

For example, if the following severities are specified for notifier:

Notifier communicates the minimum severity, Warning, to HAD, which then queues all messages labelled severity level Warning and greater.

Notifier ensures that recipients receive only the messages they are designated to receive according to the specified severity level. However, until notifier communicates the specifications to HAD, HAD stores all messages, because it does not know the severity the user has specified. This behavior prevents messages from being lost between the time HAD stores them and notifier communicates the specifications to HAD.