About the notifier process

The notifier process configures how messages are received from VCS and how they are delivered to SNMP consoles and SMTP servers. Using notifier, you can specify notification based on the severity level of the events generating the messages. You can also specify the size of the VCS message queue, which is 30 by default. You can change this value by modifying the MessageQueue attribute.

See the Cluster Server Bundled Agents Reference Guide for more information about this attribute.

When notifier is started from the command line, VCS does not control the notifier process. For best results, use the NotifierMngr agent that is bundled with VCS. Configure notifier as part of a highly available service group, which can then be monitored, brought online, and taken offline.

For information about the agent, see the Cluster Server Bundled Agents Reference Guide.

Note that notifier must be configured in a failover group, not parallel, because only one instance of notifier runs in the entire cluster. Also note that notifier does not respond to SNMP get or set requests; notifier is a trap generator only.

Notifier enables you to specify configurations for the SNMP manager and SMTP server, including machine names, ports, community IDs, and recipients' email addresses. You can specify more than one manager or server, and the severity level of messages that are sent to each.


If you start the notifier outside of VCS control, use the absolute path of the notifier in the command. VCS cannot monitor the notifier process if it is started outside of VCS control using a relative path.