Performing multiple actions using a trigger

To perform multiple actions by using a trigger, specify the actions in the following format:


Example: T1clear_env, T2update_env, T5backup

VCS executes the scripts in the ascending order of Tnum. The actions must be placed inside a directory whose name is the trigger name. For example, to perform multiple actions for the postonline trigger, place the scripts in a directory named postonline.


As a good practice, ensure that one script does not affect the functioning of another script. If script2 takes the output of script1 as an input, script2 must be capable of handling any exceptions that arise out of the behavior of script1.


Do not install customized trigger scripts in the $VCS_HOME/bin/sample_triggers/VRTSvcs directory or in the $VCS_HOME/bin/internal_triggers directory. If you install customized triggers in these directories, you might face issues while upgrading VCS.