About the globalcounter_not_updated trigger

The following table describes the globalcounter_not_updated event trigger:


On the system having lowest NodeId in the cluster, VCS periodically broadcasts an update of GlobalCounter. If a node does not receive the broadcast for an interval greater than CounterMissTolerance, it invokes the globalcounter_not_updated trigger if CounterMissAction is set to Trigger. This event is considered critical since it indicates a problem with underlying cluster communications or cluster interconnects. Use this trigger to notify administrators of the critical events.


-globalcounter_not_updated triggertype system_name global_counter

triggertype - represents whether trigger is custom (triggertype=0) or internal (triggertype=1).

For this trigger, triggertype=0.

system - represents the system which did not receive the update of GlobalCounter.

global_counter - represents the value of GlobalCounter.