About the loadwarning event trigger

The following table describes the loadwarning event trigger:


Invoked when a system becomes overloaded because the load of the system's online groups exceeds the system's LoadWarningLevel attribute for an interval exceeding the LoadTimeThreshold attribute.

For example, assume that the Capacity is 150, the LoadWarningLevel is 80, and the LoadTimeThreshold is 300. Also, the sum of the Load attribute for all online groups on the system is 135. Because the LoadWarningLevel is 80, safe load is 0.80*150=120. The trigger is invoked if the system load stays at 135 for more than 300 seconds because the actual load is above the limit of 120 specified by LoadWarningLevel.

Use this trigger to notify the administrator of the critical event. The administrator can then switch some service groups to another system, ensuring that no one system is overloaded.

This event trigger is non-configurable.


-loadwarning triggertype system available_capacity

triggertype - represents whether trigger is custom (triggertype=0) or internal (triggertype=1).

For this trigger, triggertype=0.

system - represents the name of the system.

available_capacity - represents the system's AvailableCapacity attribute. (AvailableCapacity=Capacity-sum of Load for system's online groups.)