About the resnotoff event trigger

The following table describes the resnotoff event trigger:


Invoked on the system if a resource in a service group does not go offline even after issuing the offline command to the resource.

This event trigger is configurable.

To configure this trigger, you must define the following:

Resource Name Define resources for which to invoke this trigger by entering their names in the following line in the script: @resources = ("resource1", "resource2");

If any of these resources do not go offline, the trigger is invoked with that resource name and system name as arguments to the script.


-resnotoff triggertype system resource

triggertype - represents whether trigger is custom (triggertype=0) or internal (triggertype=1).

For this trigger, triggertype=0.

system - represents the system on which the resource is not going offline.

resource - represents the name of the resource.