About the unable_to_restart_had event trigger

The following table describes the unable_to_restart_had event trigger:


This event trigger is invoked by hashadow when hashadow cannot restart HAD on a system. If HAD fails to restart after six attempts, hashadow invokes the trigger on the system.

The default behavior of the trigger is to reboot the system. However, service groups previously running on the system are autodisabled when hashadow fails to restart HAD. Before these service groups can be brought online elsewhere in the cluster, you must autoenable them on the system. To do so, customize the unable_to_restart_had trigger to remotely execute the following command from any node in the cluster where VCS is running:

hagrp -autoenable service_group -sys system

For example, if hashadow fails to restart HAD on system1, and if group1 and group2 were online on that system, a trigger customized in this manner would autoenable group1 and group2 on system1 before rebooting. Autoenabling group1 and group2 on system1 enables these two service groups to come online on another system when the trigger reboots system1.

This event trigger is non-configurable.



This trigger has no arguments.