Administering application monitoring settings

The Symantec High Availability tab lets you define and modify settings that control application monitoring with Cluster Server(VCS). You can define the settings on a per application basis. The settings apply to all systems in a VCS cluster where the application is configured for monitoring.

The following settings are available:

To modify the application monitoring configuration settings

  1. Launch the vSphere Client and from the inventory pane on the left, select the virtual machine that is a part of the VCS cluster where you have configured application monitoring.
  2. Click Symantec High Availability, to view the Symantec High Availability tab.
  3. In the appropriate row of the application table, click More > Modify Settings.
  4. In the Modify Settings panel, click to highlight the setting that you want to modify.
  5. In the Value column, enter the appropriate value, and then click OK.