About the wide-area heartbeat agent

The wide-area heartbeat agent manages the inter-cluster heartbeat. Heartbeats are used to monitor the health of remote clusters. VCS wide-area hearbeat agents include Icmp and IcmpS. While other VCS resource agents report their status to VCS engine, heartbeat agents report their status directly to the WAC process. The heartbeat name must be the same as the heartbeat type name. You can add only one heartbeat of a specific heartbeat type.

See Sample configuration for the wide-area heartbeat agent.

You can create custom wide-area heartbeat agents. For example, the VCS replication agent for SRDF includes a custom heartbeat agent for Symmetrix arrays.

You can add heartbeats using the hahb -add heartbeatname command and change the default values of the heartbeat agents using the hahb -modify command.

See Administering heartbeats in a global cluster setup.

More Information

Heartbeat attributes (for global clusters)