About serialization - The Authority attribute

VCS ensures that global service group operations are conducted serially to avoid timing problems and to ensure smooth performance. The Authority attribute prevents a service group from coming online in multiple clusters at the same time. Authority is a persistent service group attribute and it designates which cluster has the right to bring a global service group online. The attribute cannot be modified at runtime.

If two administrators simultaneously try to bring a service group online in a two-cluster global group, one command is honored, and the other is rejected based on the value of the Authority attribute.

The attribute prevents bringing a service group online in a cluster that does not have the authority to do so. If the cluster holding authority is down, you can enforce a takeover by using the command hagrp -online -force service_group. This command enables you to fail over an application to another cluster when a disaster occurs.


A cluster assuming authority for a group does not guarantee the group will be brought online on the cluster. The attribute merely specifies the right to attempt bringing the service group online in the cluster. The presence of Authority does not override group settings like frozen, autodisabled, non-probed, and so on, that prevent service groups from going online.

You must seed authority if it is not held on any cluster.

Offline operations on global groups can originate from any cluster and do not require a change of authority to do so, because taking a group offline does not necessarily indicate an intention to perform a cross-cluster failover.