VCS agents to manage wide-area failover

VCS agents now manage external objects that are part of wide-area failover. These objects include replication, DNS updates, and so on. These agents provide a robust framework for specifying attributes and restarts, and can be brought online upon fail over.

DNS agent

The DNS agent updates the canonical name-mapping in the domain name server after a wide-area failover.

See the Cluster Server Bundled Agents Reference Guide for more information.

VCS agents for VVR

You can use the following VCS agents for VVR in a VCS global cluster setup:

  • RVG agent

    The RVG agent manages the Replicated Volume Group (RVG). Specifically, it brings the RVG online, monitors read-write access to the RVG, and takes the RVG offline. Use this agent when using VVR for replication.

  • RVGPrimary agent

    The RVGPrimary agent attempts to migrate or take over a Secondary site to a Primary site following an application failover. The agent has no actions associated with the offline and monitor routines.

  • RVGShared agent

    The RVGShared agent monitors the RVG in a shared environment. This is a parallel resource. The RVGShared agent enables you to configure parallel applications to use an RVG in a cluster. The RVGShared agent monitors the RVG in a shared disk group environment.

  • RVGSharedPri agent

    The RVGSharedPri agent enables migration and takeover of a VVR replicated data set in parallel groups in a VCS environment. Bringing a resource of type RVGSharedPri online causes the RVG on the local host to become a primary if it is not already.

  • RVGLogowner agent

    The RVGLogowner agent assigns and unassigns a node as the logowner in the CVM cluster; this is a failover resource. The RVGLogowner agent assigns or unassigns a node as a logowner in the cluster. In a shared disk group environment, only one node, that is, the logowner, can replicate data to the Secondary.

  • RVGSnapshot agent

    The RVGSnapshot agent, used in fire drill service groups, takes space-optimized snapshots so that applications can be mounted at secondary sites during a fire drill operation.

    See the Veritas InfoScale™ Replication Administrator's Guide for more information.

In a CVM environment, the RVGShared agent, RVGSharedPri agent, RVGLogOwner agent, and RVGSnapshot agent are supported. For more information, see the Cluster Server Bundled Agents Reference Guide.

VCS agents for third-party replication technologies

VCS provides agents for other third-party array-based or application-based replication solutions. These agents are available in the High Availability Agent Pack software.

See the High Availability Agent Pack Getting Started Guide for a list of replication technologies that VCS supports.