Switching a service group to a remote cluster

This topic describes how to switch a service group to a remote cluster.

To switch a service group to a remote cluster

  1. Do the following:

    In the Service Groups tab of the Cluster Explorer configuration tree of a local cluster, right-click the service group.


    Click a local cluster in the configuration tree, click the Service Groups tab, and right-click the service group icon in the view panel.

  2. Click Switch To, and click Remote switch...
  3. In the Switch global group dialog box:

    • Click the cluster to switch the group.

    • Click the specific system, or click Any System, to switch the group.

      If you specify a system to switch the group and if the PreSwitch attribute value is set to 1, the VCS engine invokes the PreSwitch actions for the resources that support the action. If you want to skip these actions, you must temporarily set the PreSwitch attribute value to 0.

  4. In the Question dialog box, click Yes.

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