About GAB client registration monitoring

The registration monitoring feature lets you configure GAB behavior when HAD is killed and does not reconnect after a specified time interval.

This scenario may occur in the following situations:

When this occurs, the registration monitoring timer starts. GAB takes action if HAD does not register within the time defined by the VCS_GAB_RMTIMEOUT parameter, which is defined in the vcsenv file. The default value for VCS_GAB_RMTIMEOUT is 200 seconds.

When HAD cannot register after the specified time period, GAB logs a message every 15 seconds saying it will panic the system.

You can control GAB behavior in this situation by setting the VCS_GAB_RMACTION parameter in the vcsenv file.

When you enable registration monitoring, GAB takes no action if the HAD process unregisters with GAB normally, that is if you stop HAD using the hastop command.