Setting LLT timer tunable parameters

You can set the LLT tunable parameters either with the lltconfig command or in the /etc/llttab file. You can use the lltconfig command to change a parameter on the local node at run time. Symantec recommends you run the command on all the nodes in the cluster to change the values of the parameters. To set an LLT parameter across system reboots, you must include the parameter definition in the /etc/llttab file. Default values of the parameters are taken if nothing is specified in /etc/llttab. The parameters values specified in the /etc/llttab file come into effect at LLT start-time only. Symantec recommends that you specify the same definition of the tunable parameters in the /etc/llttab file of each node.

To get and set a timer tunable:

To get and set a flow control tunable

See the lltconfig(1M) and llttab(1M) manual pages.