Configuring CoordPoint agent to monitor coordination points

The following procedure describes how to manually configure the CoordPoint agent to monitor coordination points.

The CoordPoint agent can monitor CP servers and SCSI-3 disks.

See the Storage Foundation Cluster File System High Availability Bundled Agents Reference Guide for more information on the agent.

To configure CoordPoint agent to monitor coordination points

  1. Ensure that your SFCFSHA cluster has been properly installed and configured with fencing enabled.
  2. Create a parallel service group vxfen and add a coordpoint resource to the vxfen service group using the following commands:
    # haconf -makerw
    # hagrp -add vxfen
    # hagrp -modify vxfen SystemList sys1 0 sys2 1
    # hagrp -modify vxfen AutoFailOver 0
    # hagrp -modify vxfen Parallel 1
    # hagrp -modify vxfen SourceFile "./"
    # hares -add coordpoint CoordPoint vxfen
    # hares -modify coordpoint FaultTolerance 0
    # hares -override coordpoint LevelTwoMonitorFreq
    # hares -modify coordpoint LevelTwoMonitorFreq 5
    # hares -modify coordpoint Enabled 1
    # haconf -dump -makero
  3. Configure the Phantom resource for the vxfen disk group.
    # haconf -makerw
    # hares -add RES_phantom_vxfen Phantom vxfen
    # hares -modify RES_phantom_vxfen Enabled 1
    # haconf -dump -makero
  4. Verify the status of the agent on the SFCFSHA cluster using the hares commands. For example:
    # hares -state coordpoint

    The following is an example of the command and output::

    # hares -state coordpoint
    # Resource    Attribute   System   Value
    coordpoint   State        sys1   ONLINE
    coordpoint 		State								sys2   ONLINE
  5. Access the engine log to view the agent log. The agent log is written to the engine log.

    The agent log contains detailed CoordPoint agent monitoring information; including information about whether the CoordPoint agent is able to access all the coordination points, information to check on which coordination points the CoordPoint agent is reporting missing keys, etc.

    To view the debug logs in the engine log, change the dbg level for that node using the following commands:

    # haconf -makerw
    # hatype -modify Coordpoint LogDbg 10
    # haconf -dump -makero

    The agent log can now be viewed at the following location:



    The Coordpoint agent is always in the online state when the I/O fencing is configured in the majority or the disabled mode. For both these modes the I/O fencing does not have any coordination points to monitor. Thereby, the Coordpoint agent is always in the online state.