Configuring service groups for global cluster setup

Perform the following steps to configure the service groups for disaster recovery.

To configure service groups

  1. At the secondary site, set up the application for high availability.

    Configure VCS service groups for the application. Create a configuration that is similar to the one in the first cluster.

    • You can do this by either using Cluster Manager (Java Console) to copy and paste resources from the primary cluster, or by copying the configuration from the file in the primary cluster to the secondary cluster.

    • Make appropriate changes to the configuration. For example, you must modify the SystemList attribute to reflect the systems in the secondary cluster.

    • Make sure that the name of the service group (appgroup) is identical in both clusters.

  2. To assign remote administration privileges to users for remote cluster operations, configure users with the same name and privileges on both clusters.

    See User privileges in global clusters.

  3. If your setup uses BIND DNS, add a resource of type DNS to the application service group at each site.

    Refer to the Cluster Server Bundled Agent's Reference Guide for more details.

  4. At each site, perform the following depending on the replication technology you have set up:

    • Volume Replicator

      Configure VCS to manage and monitor VVR Replicated Volume Groups (RVGs).

      See Configuring VCS service group for VVR-based replication.

    • A supported third-party replication technology

      Install and configure the corresponding VCS agent for replication.

      See the Installation and Configuration Guide for the corresponding VCS replication agent for instructions.