Configuring automatic reclamation

The vxrelocd daemon tracks the disks that require reclamation. By default, the vxrelocd daemon runs everyday at 22:10 hours and reclaims storage on the deleted volumes that are one day old.

To control the schedule for reclamation, use the following tunable parameters:


Specifies the number of days after a volume or plex is deleted when VxVM reclaims the storage space. The value is an integer between -1 and 367.

The default value is 1, which means the space is reclaimed the next day.

A value of -1 indicates that the storage is reclaimed immediately.

A value of 367 indicates that the storage space is not reclaimed automatically. Storage space can only be reclaimed manually using the vxdisk reclaim command.


The time of day when VxVM starts the reclamation for deleted volumes. The value is any time of day in 24 hour format. (hh:mm)

The default time is 22:10.

Change the tunables using the vxdefault command. See the vxdefault(1m) manual page.