About configuring VCS

When you configure VCS, you convey to the Veritas High Availability Engine the definitions of the cluster, service groups, resources, and dependencies among service groups and resources.

VCS uses the following two configuration files in a default configuration:

By default, both files reside in the following directory:


Additional files that are similar to types.cf may be present if you enabled agents. OracleTypes.cf, by default, is located at /etc/VRTSagents/ha/conf/Oracle/.

In a VCS cluster, the first system to be brought online reads the configuration file and creates an internal (in-memory) representation of the configuration. Systems that are brought online after the first system derive their information from systems that are in the cluster.

You must stop the cluster if you need to modify the files manually. Changes made by editing the configuration files take effect when the cluster is restarted. The node where you made the changes should be the first node to be brought back online.