About the vxfentsthdw utility

You can use the vxfentsthdw utility to verify that shared storage arrays to be used for data support SCSI-3 persistent reservations and I/O fencing. During the I/O fencing configuration, the testing utility is used to test a single disk. The utility has other options that may be more suitable for testing storage devices in other configurations. You also need to test coordinator disk groups.

See the Cluster Server Installation Guide to set up I/O fencing.

The utility, which you can run from one system in the cluster, tests the storage used for data by setting and verifying SCSI-3 registrations on the disk or disks you specify, setting and verifying persistent reservations on the disks, writing data to the disks and reading it, and removing the registrations from the disks.

Refer also to the vxfentsthdw(1M) manual page.