About the vxfenclearpre utility

You can use the vxfenclearpre utility to remove SCSI-3 registrations and reservations on the disks as well as coordination point servers.

See Removing preexisting keys.

This utility now supports server-based fencing. You can use the vxfenclearpre utility to clear registrations from coordination point servers (CP servers) for the current cluster. The local node from where you run the utility must have the UUID of the current cluster at the /etc/vx/.uuids directory in the clusuuid file. If the UUID file for that cluster is not available on the local node, the utility does not clear registrations from the coordination point servers.


You can use the utility to remove the registration keys and the registrations (reservations) from the set of coordinator disks for any cluster you specify in the command, but you can only clear registrations of your current cluster from the CP servers. Also, you may experience delays while clearing registrations on the coordination point servers because the utility tries to establish a network connection with the IP addresses used by the coordination point servers. The delay may occur because of a network issue or if the IP address is not reachable or is incorrect.

For any issues you encounter with the vxfenclearpre utility, you can you can refer to the log file at, /var/VRTSvcs/log/vxfen/vxfen.log file.

See Issues during fencing startup on VCS cluster nodes set up for server-based fencing.