About the vxfenswap utility

The vxfenswap utility allows you to add, remove, and replace coordinator points in a cluster that is online. The utility verifies that the serial number of the new disks are identical on all the nodes and the new disks can support I/O fencing.

This utility supports both disk-based and server-based fencing.

The utility uses SSH, RSH, or hacli for communication between nodes in the cluster. Before you execute the utility, ensure that communication between nodes is set up in one these communication protocols.

Refer to the vxfenswap(1M) manual page.

See the Cluster Server Installation Guide for details on the I/O fencing requirements.

You can replace the coordinator disks without stopping I/O fencing in the following cases:

In server-based fencing configuration, you can use the vxfenswap utility to perform the following tasks:

You can also use the vxfenswap utility to migrate between the disk-based and the server-based fencing without incurring application downtime in the VCS cluster.

See Migrating from disk-based to server-based fencing in an online cluster.

See Migrating from server-based to disk-based fencing in an online cluster.

If the vxfenswap operation is unsuccessful, then you can use the -a cancel of the vxfenswap command to manually roll back the changes that the vxfenswap utility does.