Considerations for upgrading secure VCS clusters to VCS 7.3

  1. When you upgrade a secure VCS cluster which version is prior to 6.2 to VCS 7.3, you need to configure one of the following attributes to enable guest access to the cluster.

    • DefaultGuestAccess: Set the value of this attribute to 1 to enable guest access for any authenticated user.

    • GuestGroups: This attribute contains of list of user groups who have read access to the cluster. Configure this attribute to control the guest access to the cluster.

  2. The non-root and WPAR users need to authenticate again if you perform an upgrade in secure mode of a cluster from VCS 6.x to VCS 7.3. Run the halogin command to regenerate the password for non-root users. Use the hawparsetup command to update the respective credentials of WPAR users.

    Refer toModifying the service group configuration section under Configuring VCS in WPARs chapter of the Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions Virtualization Guide for steps on how to update the credentials of WPAR users.