Upgrading VCS online using the installer

You can use the product installer to upgrade VCS online. The supported upgrade paths are same as those for the installer.

To upgrade VCS online using the product installer

  1. Log in as superuser and mount the product disc.
  2. Start the installer.
    # ./installer

    The installer starts the product installation program with a copyright message. It then specifies where it creates the logs.

    Note the directory name and path where the logs get stored.

  3. Choose 2 for Online Upgrade from the upgrade options.
  4. After selecting the online upgrade method, enter any one system name from the cluster on which you want to perform the online upgrade.

    Even if you specify a single node from the cluster, the installer asks whether you want to perform online upgrade of VCS on the entire cluster, keeping your applications online. After you enter the system name, the installer performs some verification checks and asks the following question:

    Online upgrade supports application zero downtime. 
    Would you like to perform online upgrade on the 
    whole cluster? [y,n,q](y)
  5. Enter y to initiate the online upgrade.


    You can either exit the installer with the option q or cancel the upgrade using n and select any other cluster to upgrade in this step.

    The installer runs some verification checks on the nodes and subsequently asks if you agree with the terms of the End User License Agreement.

  6. Enter y to agree and continue.
  7. The installer displays the following question before the installer stops the product processes. If the cluster was configured in secure mode and the version is prior to 6.2 before upgrade, these questions will be displayed.
    • Do you want to grant read access to everyone? [y,n,q,?]

      • To grant read access to all authenticated users, type y.

      • To grant usergroup specific permissions, type n.

    • Do you want to provide any usergroups that you would like to grant read access?[y,n,q,?]

      • To specify usergroups and grant them read access, type y

      • To grant read access only to root users, type n. The installer grants read access to the root users.

    • Enter the usergroup names separated by spaces that you want to grant read access. If you want to grant read access to a usergroup on a specific node, enter like 'usrgrp1@node1', and if you want to grant read access to usergroup on any cluster node, enter like 'usrgrp1'. If some usergroups are not created yet, create the usergroups after configuration if needed. [b]

  8. The installer asks if you want to stop VCS processes. Enter y to stop the VCS process.

    It stops the VCS processes, uninstalls filesets, reinstalls or upgrades filesets, again configures VCS, and starts the processes.

  9. The installer asks if you want to stop VCS processes. Enter y to stop the VCS process.