Attribute definitions for the SybaseBk agent

Review the description of the SybaseBk agent attributes. The agent attributes are classified as required and internal.

Table: Required attributes lists the required attributes for SybaseBk resource.

Table: Required attributes

Required Attributes



The $DSQUERY Backup name. Only one server should be configured in a Sybase service group. The advantage of configuring Sybase resources in a separate service group is, each Sybase data server can failover independently. When multiple Sybase resources are configured in a single service group, even if one of the "n" data servers fail, the entire service group will be failed over.

Type and dimension: string-scalar


Sybase user as the defined owner of executables and database files in any of the sources (such as NIS+, /etc/hosts, and so on) specified in the /etc/nsswitch.conf file for passwd entry. The Sybase executables and database files are accessed in the context of this user.

Type and dimension: string-scalar


The $SYBASE path to Sybase binaries and configuration files.

Type and dimension: string-scalar


Version of Sybase Backup Server.

Type and dimension: string-scalar


The $BACKUP SYBASE Backup Server name.

Type and dimension: string-scalar


Sybase database administrator. This attribute is required to connect to the ASE for shutdown.

Type and dimension: string-scalar


Encrypted password of Sybase database administrator. This password is required to connect to the ASE for shutdown.

Type and dimension: string-scalar


You need not specify a value for this attribute if the SA user does not require a password.

Table: Optional attribute lists the optional attribute for SybaseBk agent.

Table: Optional attribute

Optional attribute



Specifies the location of the RUN_SERVER file for the Sybase instance. The default location of this file is used if no value is specified for this attribute.

Type and dimension: String-scalar

Default value: No default value

interfaces _File

Specifies the location of interfaces file for the Sybase instance. If this attribute is configured, [-I interfaces file] option is used when connecting to the isql session. If this attribute is not configured, the agent does not use the -I option.

Type and dimension: string-scalar

Default value: No defalult value

For example: /sybase/my_interfaces_file


It is assumed that you have modified the RUN_ServerFile with the non-default interface file location if the interfaces_File attribute is configured.


This resource-type level attribute determines whether the Sybase agent must perform intelligent resource monitoring. You can also override the value of this attribute at resource-level.

This attribute includes the following keys:

  • Mode: Define this attribute to enable or disable intelligent resource monitoring.

    Valid values are as follows:

    • 0 - Does not perform intelligent resource monitoring

    • 1 - Performs intelligent resource monitoring for offline resources and performs poll-based monitoring for online resources

    • 2 - Performs intelligent resource monitoring for online resources and performs poll-based monitoring for offline resources

    • 3 - Performs intelligent resource monitoring for both online and for offline resources

      Default: 3

  • MonitorFreq: This key value specifies the frequency at which the agent invokes the monitor agent function. The value of this key is an integer.

    Default: 5

    You can set this key to a non-zero value for cases where the agent requires to perform both poll-based and intelligent resource monitoring. If the value is 0, the agent does not perform poll-based process check monitoring.

    After the resource registers with the AMF kernel driver, the agent calls the monitor agent function as follows:

    • After every (MonitorFreq x MonitorInterval) number of seconds for online resources

    • After every (MonitorFreq x OfflineMonitorInterval) number of seconds for offline resources

  • RegisterRetryLimit: If you enable intelligent resource monitoring, the agent invokes the oracle_imf_register agent function to register the resource with theAMFkernel driver. The value of the RegisterRetryLimit key determines the number of times the agent must retry registration for a resource. If the agent cannot register the resource within the limit that is specified, then intelligent monitoring is disabled until the resource state changes or the value of the Mode key changes.

    Default: 3

Type and dimension: Integer-association.

Table: Internal attribute lists the internal attribute for SybaseBk agent.

This attribute is for internal use only. recommends not to modify the value of this attribute.

Table: Internal attribute

Internal attribute



Specifies the location of the binaries, scripts, and other files related to the agent for SybaseBk.

Type and dimension: static-string

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