Resource dependency graph for the Sybase agent

Figure: Dependency graph for AIX illustrates the configuration's dependency graph for AIX.

Figure: Dependency graph for AIX

Dependency graph for AIX

The dependency graph depicts a single Sybase instance configuration. The configuration contains a disk group with a single volume. The volume is monitored using a Volume resource and mounted using a Mount resource. The Mount resource requires Volume resource, which in turn requires the DiskGroup resource. The service group IP address for Sybase server is monitored using the IP and NIC resource types. The Sybase server can be started after each of these resources are brought online. The Backup Server is started after the Sybase SQL Server is online.


If your configuration does not use Veritas Volume Manager, use the LVMVolumeGroup, LVMLogicalVolume, and DiskReservation resource types to configure shared storage instead of DiskGroup and Volume resource types.