Monitoring options for the Sybase agent

The VCS agent for Sybase provides two levels of application monitoring: basic and detail.

In the basic monitoring mode, the agent for Sybase monitors the Sybase dataserver processes to verify whether they are running.

In the detail monitoring mode, the agent performs a transaction on a test table in the database to ensure that Sybase server is funtioning properly. The test table should be created by the user, and the table is specified in the attribute Table for the Sybase agent. The agent uses this test table for internal purposes. Veritas recommends that you do not perform any other transaction on the test table.

For the Sybase ASE Enterprise edition, when the agent detects that the configured Sybase server is not running on a system, the Sybase service group is failed over to the next available system in the service group's SystemList. The configured Sybase servers are started on the new system, thus ensuring high availability for the Sybase server and data.

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