Configuring Sybase for detail monitoring

This section describes the tasks to be performed to configure a Sybase server for detail monitoring.


The steps that are described here are specific to the sample script,, provided with the agent. If you use a custom script for detail monitoring, you must configure the Sybase database accordingly.

Perform these steps only once in a Sybase cluster.

To configure Sybase for detail monitoring

  1. Source the file or SYBASE.csh file (depending on the user shell) to set the $SYBASE and $SYBASE_ASE environment variables.
  2. Start the Sybase server.
    # startserver -f ./$SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/install/RUN_server_name
  3. Start the Sybase client on any cluster node.
    # isql -Usa -SSYBASE_SERVER_NAME

    Enter the administrator password when prompted to do so.

  4. Connect to the master database.
    # use master
    # go
  5. Create a Sybase user account.
    # sp_addlogin user_name, password
    # go

    The detail monitor script should use this account to make transactions on the database.

  6. Create a database.
    # create database database_name
    # go

    The detail monitor script should make transactions on this database.

  7. If required, restrict the size of the log file for the database.
    # sp_dboption database_name, "trunc log on chkpt", true
    # go
  8. Connect to the database that is created in step 6.
    # use database_name
    # go
  9. Associate the user created in step 5 with the database created in step 6.
    # sp_adduser user_name
    # go
  10. Change the user to the one created in step 5.
    # setuser "user_name"
    # go
  11. Create a table in the database.
    # create table table_name (lastupd datetime)
    # go

    The detail monitor script should make transactions on this table.

    If you use the for detail monitoring, make sure you create a table with a lastupd field of type datetime.

  12. Verify the configuration by adding an initial value to the table.
    # insert into table_name (lastupd) values (getdate())
    # go
  13. Exit the database.
    # exit

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