Encrypting passwords for Sybase

VCS provides a utility vcsencrypt to encrypt user passwords. Encrypt passwords before specifying them for Sybase and SybaseBk resource type definition.

The vcsencrypt utility also allows you to encrypt the agent passwords using a security key. The security key supports AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption which creates a secure password for the agent. See the Cluster Server Administrator's Guide for more information.

To encrypt passwords

  1. From the path $VCS_HOME/bin/, run the vcsencrypt utility.
  2. Type the following command.
    # vcsencrypt -agent

    The utility prompts you to enter the password twice. Enter the password and press Return.

      Enter Password:
      Enter Again:
  3. The utility encrypts the password and displays the encrypted password.
  4. Enter this encrypted password as the value for the attribute.

    Save the encrypted password for future reference.