About setting up detail monitoring for the agent for Sybase

The VCS agent for Sybase provides two levels of application monitoring: basic and detail. In basic monitoring, Sybase resource monitors the Sybase dataserver processes to verify that they are continuously active.

In detail monitoring, the Sybase resource performs transactions on a test table in the database to ensure that the Sybase server functions properly. The agent uses this test table for internal purposes. Veritas recommends that you do not perform any other transaction on the test table. The agent uses the script that is defined in the attribute Monscript of the Sybase resource. During detail monitoring, the agent executes the specified script. If the script successfully executes, the agent considers the database available. You can customize the default script according to your configurations.

To activate detail monitoring, the LevelTwoMonitorFreq attribute must be set to a positive integer and User, UPword, Db, and Table attributes must not be empty (""). The attribute Monscript, which contains the path of the detail monitor script, must also exist and must have execute permissions for the root.