Enabling detail monitoring for the agent for Sybase

Perform the following steps to enable detail monitoring on a database.


All Sybase resources in the cluster gets modified when you enable detail monitoring for agents.

To enable detail monitoring

  1. Make sure the Sybase server is configured for detail monitoring.

  2. Make the VCS configuration writable.
    # haconf -makerw
  3. Enable detail monitoring for Sybase.
    # hatype -modify Sybase LevelTwoMonitorFreq <value>
    # hares -modify Sybase_resource User user_name
    # hares -modify Sybase_resource UPword encrypted-password
    # hares -modify Sybase_resource Db database_name
    # hares -modify Sybase_resource Table table_name
    # hares -modify Sybase_resource Monscript


    To enable detail monitoring, the LevelTwoMonitorFreq attribute must be set to a positive value. You can also override the value of this attribute at the resource level.

  4. Save the configuration.
    # haconf -dump -makero


    If detail monitoring is configured and the database is full, the SQL queries take considerable time to commit the results. In such a case, the monitor routine for the agent fails and attempts to fail over the service group. This issue is not encountered if detail monitoring is not configured.

More Information

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