Administering application monitoring from the Veritas High Availability view

The Veritas High Availability view is a Web-based graphic user interface that you can use to administer application availability with Cluster Server (VCS).

This interface supports physical and virtual systems running Linux, Solaris, and AIX operating systems. The interface supports virtual environments such as IBM PowerVM, Oracle VM Server for SPARC, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV), Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), and VMware.

You can launch the Veritas High Availability view from an Internet browser, by using the following URL:

https://SystemNameorIP:5634/vcs/admin/application_health.html?priv=ADMIN where SystemNameorIP is the system name or the IP address of the physical or virtual system from where you want to access the tab.

In a VMware virtual environment, you can embed the Veritas High Availability view as a tab in the vSphere Client menu (both the desktop and Web versions).

You can perform tasks such as start, stop, or fail over an application, without the need for specialized training in VCS commands, operating systems, or virtualization technologies. You can also perform advanced tasks such as VCS cluster configuration and application (high availability) configuration from this view, by using simple wizard-based steps.

Use the Veritas High Availability view to perform the following tasks: