How the DB2 agent supports intelligent resource monitoring

With intelligent monitoring framework (IMF), VCS supports intelligent resource monitoring in addition to poll-based monitoring. Poll-based monitoring polls the resources periodically whereas intelligent monitoring performs asynchronous monitoring. You can enable or disable the intelligent resource monitoring functionality of the VCS agents for DB2.

See Enabling and disabling intelligent resource monitoring for Db2udb resource.

When an IMF-enabled agent starts up, the agent initializes the asynchronous monitoring framework (AMF) kernel driver. After the resource is in a steady state, the agent registers the details that are required to monitor the resource with the AMF kernel driver. For example, the DB2 agent registers the PIDs of the processes with the AMF kernel driver using its own imf_register function. The agent's imf_getnotification function waits for any resource state changes. When the AMF kernel driver module notifies the imf_getnotification function about a resource state change, the agent framework runs the monitor agent function to ascertain the state of that resource.The agent notifies the state change to VCS which takes appropriate action.

See the Cluster Server Administrator's Guide for more information.