Creating the shared file systems for MPP instances for DB2

Install the Storage Foundation Cluster File System software. To create a shared file system for MPP instances, create a shared disk group on the physically shared disk. You then create a volume of sufficient size within the disk group.

To create a shared file system for MPP instances on Linux

  1. From one of the nodes, create the disk group. List the disks using the vxdisk list command.
  2. Create a shared disk group. In this case, the group consists of one disk. In this example the disk is sdc:
    # vxdg -s init db2db_dg sdc
  3. Deport and import the disk group:
    # vxdg deport db2db_dg
    # vxdg -s import db2db_dg
  4. Use the vxassist command to create a volume:
    # vxassist -g db2db_dg make db2db_vol 7g
  5. Create the file system:
    # mkfs -t vxfs -o largefiles /dev/vx/rdsk/db2db_dg/db2db_vol
  6. Create the mount point directory and mount the file system.
    # mkdir /db2_mnt/db2inst1
    # mount -t vxfs -o cluster /dev/vx/dsk/db2db_dg/db2db_vol \