Installing DB2 in a VCS environment

For installing DB2 in a VCS environment, Veritas recommends that you follow the installation procedure in the relevant IBM DB2 UDB guide.

Install binaries on local disks of each node, and the database instances on shared storage, accessible by each cluster node.

To install DB2 in VCS environment

  1. Set shared memory parameters. Refer to the relevant IBM DB2 UDB guide to make sure that memory requirements are met.
  2. Install the binaries. Install the DB2 UDB system binaries on local disks on each node (mirrored disks are recommended) not on shared storage. You can use IBM's db2setup tool.
  3. Install the DB2 license. Install the DB2 license on each node. For example, enter:
    # /opt/IBM/db2/V9.7/adm/db2licm -a db2ese.lic
  4. Install the instances. Install the database instances on the shared storage only on the one node where the instance's home directory is currently mounted. You can choose to install single-partition instance or multi-partition instance. You can use IBM's db2setup tool.

    Keep in mind the following when you install:

    • When you use the db2setup, do not select the option to Auto start DB2 instance at system boot in the DB2 Instance Properties window. Note that this option does not exist on all DB2 versions. VCS needs to bring up the resources for the DB2 instances in a specific order before it brings the instance online.

    • The instance's home directory is a mount point on the local system.


For more information on DB2 installation, refer IBM documentation.