About installing Oracle in a VCS environment

The strategy for installing Oracle into a VCS cluster is aimed at ensuring that installations on all nodes in the cluster are uniform.

See the Oracle documentation on Linux.

You can install Oracle in the following ways in a VCS environment:

$ORACLE_HOME on the shared disk

Oracle binaries and Oracle data are installed on shared disks.

$ORACLE_HOME on the local disk

Oracle binaries are installed locally on each node and Oracle data is installed on shared disks.


To use ASM for Oracle database storage, you must install $ORACLE_HOME on the local disks of all nodes in the cluster.

Note that Oracle data includes the datafiles, control files, redo log files, and archive log files.

When installing Oracle, ensure that the login_id, id_name, group_id, and group_name for the Oracle owner is the same on all the nodes. The user oracle and the group dba must be local and not Network Information Service (NIS and NIS+) users.

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