Installing ASM binaries for Oracle 11gR2 or 12c in a VCS environment

Perform the following procedure if want to configure Oracle ASM instances for high availability for Oracle 11g R2 or 12c.


If you want to use Oracle ASM feature, do not disable the Cluster Synchronization Services.

To install ASM binaries for Oracle 11gR2 or 12c for VCS

  1. Insert the Oracle CD.
  2. Set the DISPLAY variable, mount the CD drive, and run the Oracle installer as Oracle User.
    # /mnt/cdrom/grid/runInstaller
  3. In the Select Installation Option dialog box, choose the Install Grid Infrastructure Software Only option and click Next.
  4. Follow the wizard instructions and select other options
  5. In the Specify Installation Location dialog box, specify a location on the local disk for both Oracle base and Software location.
  6. Follow the wizard instructions and select other options
  7. In the Summary dialog box, review your selections. Click Back to make changes. Otherwise click Finish.
  8. The installer prompts whether you want to instantiate a standalone version of the software or a cluster version of the software. Choose the version that you want to install.
    • Instantiate a standalone version


      If you choose this option, you must execute This option creates a configuration named Oracle Restart, which is used on standalone servers and not on RAC clusters. Therefore, you must perform this installation on all nodes in the VCS cluster that are used as failover destinations for Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Oracle ASM.

      This option requires you to install the Oracle Grid Infrastructure software locally on every node. You must not use the same set of binaries on more than one node because the same CSSD daemon (used in a particular configuration) cannot be run on nodes with different host names, requiring you to reconfigure the daemon each time it fails over or is used on another node.

      In the Oracle Restart configuration the newly created database instance and netlistner resources automatically get registered to the Oracle Grid Infrastructure. In VCS, these resources are configured as part of failover service group.

      If the database and netlistner resources accidentally go offline, Oracle Grid Infrastructure tries to restart the resources. However, VCS tries to online these resources on another node within the failover service group. This behavior causes concurrency violation.

      To avoid concurrency violation perform one of the following:

      • In the Oracle Grid Infrastructure, set the auto_start attribute of each database and netlistner resource to 0.

      • In VCS, set the RestartLimit attribute value of each database and netlistner resource to the corresponding value set for these resources in the RESTART_ATTEMPTS attribute in Oracle Grid Infrastructure. For detailed description on on configuring VCS to support the Oracle retsart funtion refer to

    • Don't instantiate a standalone version

      Choose this option to instantiate a cluster version of the software. This is required for a RAC database.

  9. Click Next after the installation is complete.
  10. In the End of Installation dialog box, click Exit.
  11. Proceed to configure ASM disk group on shared disks using the asmca utility.

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