HTCSnap Resource Configuration panel details

During fire drill preparation in a Hitachi TrueCopy replication environment, the wizard discovers the HTC resources and non-replicating SFW disk groups in the application service group.

This information is used to configure the HTCSnap resources.

The wizard lists each HTCSnap resource that will be configured. You can clear the HTCSnap resource name check box if you do not want to include its dependent disk groups in the fire drill.

You must specify the ShadowImage instance.

The HTCSnap Resource Configuration panel shows the following:

Target Resource Name

The panel shows the HTC resource name in the case of a Replication Device Group or the disk group resource name in the case of a non-replicating disk group.

ShadowImage Instance ID

For every HTC resource, specify the ID of the ShadowImage instance associated with the replicating secondary devices.

More information about HTCSnap resource configuration and operation is available.

See About Fire Drill Wizard operations in a Hitachi TrueCopy or EMC SRDF environment.

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